Why Choose Enigma Escape Rooms

Our strong online presence, savvy marketing skills, enjoyable immersive games, and expert support combined with our competitively priced franchise packages offer a great opportunity for you to be your own boss and run a successful, exciting, and profitable business.

Low Start Up Costs

Our franchise packages start at just £5k and include everything you'll need to start your escape room business.

Original Room Ideas

We have over 15 rooms to choose from and all storylines and puzzles are designed and tested in-house, before being rolled out to the public.

Expert Support

Our friendly team are on-hand to answer any and all questions you have to ensure you're business runs smoothly.

Our Most Popular Rooms


Prison Break // Young Guns

Our Prison Break room is set in the wild west, customers are locked in a cell in the sheriffs office and have to complete a series of puzzles to satisfy the jury of their innocence. The children's version of this room (Young Guns) has the same storyline, with simpler puzzles.

  • Children's version available
  • Medium difficulty
  • Suitable for up to 8 people

Plague // Plague Jr.

Our Plague room is set in the laboratory of Dr. Ruist, customers need to solve the puzzles in order to find the cure for the Plague which is currently decimating society. The children's version of this game (Plague Jr.) has a similar storyline with easier puzzles.

  • Children's version available
  • Hard Difficulty
  • Suitable for up to 6 people

Crypt // Little Blood Suckers

Our Crypt room is based in Dracula's castle, customers are vampire hunters sent by Van Helsing to immobilise Dracula before he wakes. The children's version of this game has a slightly different storyline, where Dracula is choosing his protege by trying to eliminate the weak.

  • Children's version available
  • Medium Difficulty
  • Suitable for up to 6 people

Included As Standard

All of our franchise packages include several key benefits.

Bespoke Packages

We'll work closely with you to understand what it is you are hoping to gain from starting a franchise and tailor a package to help you achieve.

Reception Services

We'll ensure you never miss a call, email or social media message by providing you with managed reception services during your opening hours.

On-going Marketing & Advertising

We'll support your business growth by providing you with marketing and advertising support via numerous channels, incl. social media and print.


You'll receive on-site training from one of our franchise coordinators who'll provide you with all the knowledge you'll need to run your escape room business.

Dedicated Account Manager

From day one, you'll be assigned your own dedicated account manager, they'll provide you with all the guidance and support you'll ever need.

Monthly Reporting

We'll provide you with a monthly report outlining key performance statistics and figures, including, bookings, calls, Google analytics and more.